Weird Enterprise Site List Behaviour

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recently we have started migrating certain documents created in Adobe LiveCycle over to IE Mode since they only work in Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer is of course EOL now. Apart from certain quirks with protected mode causing errors with certain document functions (had to disable protected mode for them to disappear), the documents work perfectly fine when adding the URL to IE-Mode sites in the Edge settings.


However, when using the Enterprise Site List, the exact same URL refuses to open in Internet Explorer Mode and we have no idea why. The xml applies and loads correctly. When entering the base domain of the site, IE Mode works correctly. When entering the specific URL, it doesn't work and the URL is loaded in Edge. Is loading URLs through Edge settings somehow different from loading through the Enterprise Site List?

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One thing that is different by default between specifying a site in the user IE Mode list and an enterprise site list is the redirect behavior. The user site list entries have Allow Redirects set to True, where the default setting for the enterprise site list is False.

In our environment, I've noticed that loading a specific URL into the user list will tend to result in all navigation on that domain staying in the IE engine, even if you navigate to another specific page that isn't on your user list. Not sure if this is still the case or if your results will match mine.

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Hi Andrew,

thank you for the reply. We already tried setting redirects to true but the behaviour doesn't match the behaviour of the normal Edge settings unfortunately. At this point we have tried every possible combination it feels like but we still can't reproduce the behaviour of just adding the URL to normal Edge settings.