Waffle Error?

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Here is a screen shot of the default screen waffle in Edge.  If you click on or hover over the waffle you get this message.  This only seems to occur in our local AD bound/based system images.  On InTune deployments this isn't the case.  What in our local deployment could cause this problem in the browser?

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@DanielCayea Hi!  Just to confirm, on the New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge, you are seeing this error when clicking or hovering over the App launcher?  Thanks! 



Yes, I can confirm.

@DanielCayea Thanks!  I'm reaching out to the team that owns the App launcher.  We will follow up with any insights or if they need more information to investigate.  



Was the team able to give you any insights?

@DanielCayea Hi!  I have not heard back but will follow up.  Are you still consistently reproducing this still?  Thanks! 



Yes, I can still reproduce this. I can also let you know that this issue does not occur on InTune managed computers that are connected to Azure AD. It only appears to be local AD joined machines.

@DanielCayea The team asked if you are able to submit feedback and diagnostic data.  After the issue reproduces on the New Tab Page, click the "feedback" button on the bottom right corner of the page.  This will help them investigate further.  Let me know once you've been able to submit the feedback.  


Also, does this issue reproduce on any cards in the feed as well such as the Microsoft 365/ Industry News Card/ Company News Card?  Thanks! 



@DanielCayea Hello - Just following up, are you still reproducing the issue?  If so, is it affecting the other cards?  Have you been able to submit the feedback?  Thanks! 



Yes, I can still reproduce this issue, across multiple users. I have not yet been able to submit feedback.

@DanielCayea Thanks! Please let me know once you've had a chance to submit the feedback.  The team will need the information to investigate.