Using Edge Insider in corporate environment, windows certificate store

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On the company we use a certificate that we generated by our internal windows certificate server. The certificate is installed in all our windows computer, on the windows certificate store.  It works perfect with IE10, IE11 and Edge, but neither Chrome nor Edge Insider look like the are using the Windows Certificate Store and both of them shows: "This server couldn't prove that it's; its security certificate does not specify Subject Alternative Name"


Is this something to expect to be corrected in Edge insider (Chromium) ?


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@cguanes The CA is trusted, but the Error-Message says that your used Certificates don't include an Subject-Alternative-Name. The behaviour of modern browsers is to not trust Certificates without a SAN Extension (Google Chrome and Chromium started this behaviour with Version 58).


Solution: Generate Leaf-Certificates which include a SAN Extension

Only "old" Browsers work without!