unable to sign in to sync profile in Edge

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Have microsoft edge on 3 devices: 1 windows desktop, 1 mac desktop, 1 mac laptop. am able to create a profile and sync Edge data on the windows and mac desktops but not the mac laptop. when I click the button to login to sync data and enter my email address and password I receive a message that Account Switch Detected. unable to verify my account.

I've reset the sync from the other two computers.

I've cleared all data and reset all settings on the mac laptop.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled edge on the mac laptop. I've changed my password. nothing works.

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@enicely Hi!  Sync issues are usually hard to troubleshoot without specific user information and logs but based upon the error message you mentioned, have you tried to turn off "Automatic profile switching" to see if that helps?  


The setting can be found here: edge://settings/profiles/multiProfileSettings






@Kelly_Y , thank you for the feedback. That option is unavailable (grayed out). I'm guessing it's because I must actually create the profile before that feature is available.


We're having the same exact error message in mac. Just wondering if you were able to get the resolution on this. Thank you!

@RaizelX , the issue was related to the user profile on the Mac. I was able to create a new user profile, login to the mac and then sync Edge. Microsoft didn't know that in the mac profile might have been corrupted or causing the conflict, so I had to create a new user profile and migrate settings and documents to that new profile and now everything works.