UI issue with lockdown policies


I manage browser security (amongst many other things) at a company with 8000 workstations.  Because of several missing Enterprise features, we haven't rolled out Edge yet.


I have enabled GPO Policies to block as many features as possible for standard websites (cookies, popups, tracking, location etc), whilst white-listing our internal domain.  The idea here is to prevent malicious sites from hijacking the browser, whilst allowing all internal apps without our users needing to accept things.


The problem here is that by default all of these restrictions are shown in the "View Site Information" page, even when the site is not actively using them.  This is a big UI problem for screens with a standard resolution like 1366x768, because the bottom half of the window is cut off and inaccessible.


So I have several questions here:

  • why are all of the policies shown, even if they are not in use by the page?
  • can we add an expand/collapse button to this list, if it contains more than X elements?  Ideally this should be based on your screen resolution, so that 1366x768 shows 2 items, where as 1600x900 shows 5

See the below screenshot as case in point.  I very much doubt this forum is trying to use all of these permissions...


1366x768 resolution



1600x900 resolution



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@Tom_Fox Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this UI issue. We'll loop the Enterprise team in and let you know if they have any suggestions. In the meantime, can you please submit detailed feedback, diagnostics, and a screenshot through the in-browser feedback if you haven't yet? It really helps our devs.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge


It's not possible to use the inbuilt feedback tool on this popup menu unfortunately, it closes when you press the Settings button.  The hotkey for the feedback tool doesn't work either.


I see the same popup window on every website that I visit, including those I am certain do not implement Flash, bluetooth, notifications etc...


So this confirms my suspicion that the entire content policy is being read and displayed, and not showing only the elements that are actively being blocked or allowed.