Turn on \ off use Enterprise Mode Site List option.

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Legacy edge had an option to turn on \ off (via checkbox ) Use Enterprise Mode Site List option. This option was available via About:flags.  I do not see the setting in modern Edge in edge://flags/ or edge://compat/enterprise .  As line of business owners test their web applications for compatibility it be nice to give them this option vs having to move their machine to a different OU that does not have EMSL GPO enabled.   I would also like to avoid the  showing a message in Edge prompting users to continue in Edge.   Does anyone know where the about:flags setting option "Enterprise Mode Site List" was moved to in Version 88.0.705.8

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@Christian Zenzano Hello! Microsoft Edge has a policy which allows users to test applications in Internet Explorer mode by opening an Internet Explorer mode tab in Microsoft Edge.  Additionally, users can test their applications in a modern browser without removing applications from the site list using the option 'Open sites in Edge mode'.


Please see our documentation here: 



Hopefully this will help with testing the web apps!