Testing out the new IE Mode

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I got it to work with Silverlight and some other internal sites.  One issues I found is even though the page renders, I am unable to click any of the links on the page.  It does open a new IE Mode tab it remains Untitled and about:blank.  Links that open within the same window do work.

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@Shawn455 To help isolate the issue, are these links in a regular internal page in IE mode or inside a Silverlight control?

@Shilpa_Subramanian They are links in a regular internal page in IE mode. I am using the GPO to force all intranet sites to render in IE mode and this behavior seems to be the case across all of them. Not specific to Silverlight.

@Shilpa_Subramanian Just wanted to update this is still happening in the latest Dev build of Edge for me.  Build  Any idea when this can be fixed?  This is the only issue I have that is keeping me from replacing IE. :)