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We restrict the version that our browsers can update to so we can perform testing against our core applications before releasing browser updates to our fleet. We achieve this with group policy via the setting:


Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge Update > Applications > Microsoft Edge > Target version override


Unfortunately, this setting requires you to enter a specific version number for automatic updates to succeed. This is unlike Google Chrome, where you are able to allow updates within a specific channel by using a value such as "90.".


The information around this is described in the article



This leaves me in a situation where I need to manually update my GPO whenever a new version of Edge is released.


I want to know if there is any way that I can be automatically notified when a new version becomes available in the stable channel, whether this be an incremental update or a major update. For example, is there an RSS feed I can subscribe to which will notify when an update becomes available?


Alternatively, is it possible to change the scope of the "Target version override" GPO setting to allow the use of values like "90." as is the case with Google Chrome?







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@Craig-Anderson-Icare Hi Craig!  The best place for information about MS Edge Stable Channel updates would be the Release Notes.


I'm not aware of automatic notifications but maybe some users here can share some ideas.  Thanks!