SyncTypesListDisabled overrides all ForceSyncTypes types

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I have enabled both SyncTypesListDisabled (Configure the list of types that are excluded from synchronization) and ForceSyncTypes (Configure the list of types that are included for synchronization).


For ForceSyncTypes, I have enabled the policy and included all types except passwords and addressesAndMore. By itself, this works as expected, forcing the syncing of everything else (favorites, history, openTabs, etc.).


When enabling SyncTypesListDisabled with the passwords type, password syncing is disabled as expected, but so is every other type specified in ForceSyncTypes.


I also noticed during testing that if the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge\SyncTypesListDisabled key exists (with no values), Edge acts as if all types have been specified in SyncTypesListDisabled and disables syncing for all types.


I would expect that one of the policies takes precedence over the other, but type-by-type, not all-or-nothing.

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@kielhurley Thanks for the feedback! I see the team has received other similar feedback and is currently investigating.  We can follow up once there is further insights from the team.



Hello @Kelly_Y, after > 1 year this still seems the case running Edge v113.0.1774.50. Any news on this...? Thanks!

@Jarno de Haan  I can see this is still in the backlog but currently no ETA.  Thanks for your patience!  I will continue to monitor and provide any updates when available.  



Hello @Kelly_Y, ok thanks for letting us know and hope it will be fixed soon.