Sync not working on Microsoft Edge browse

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Sync has not worked on Microsoft Edge browser. It indicates, not syncing and 'Couldn’t connect to the sync server. Retrying…' Will appreciate guidance to make Sync work.

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@MDOnsakia Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  Sorry to hear about your issues with sync.  


For Microsoft Edge Enterprise Sync, there are specific prerequisites.  Please take a look at our documentation for more information:


If you are still having issues after following the documentation.  Feel free to let us know. 



@Kelly_Y  I have reviewed the prerequisites in that document and still having an issue even though I have Office 365 E3 licence.

Here's the screenshot

2020-11-11 14_59_25-Window.png

@Kelly_Y  thanks for the guidance.


I note that our subscription is Microsoft 365 Business Standard, which seems like does not support syncing on a browser! This is quite shocking.....can not explain that such simple functionality can be limited to a subscription level.


My basic understanding is that even a free personal account from Microsoft should be able to sync...if you expect to compete with other browsers like Chrome or Mozilla - which provide the syncing functionality (perfectly) without paying a penny. And here we pay but cannot sync? Does not make any sense whatsoever. 


Kindly let your team look into this, I consider it too basic to warrant even a payment bearing in mind that Microsoft would like to position Edge as a go-to browser. This kills it off. Sorry.


Hope that this will change soon.

@MDOnsakia Thank you for the feedback!  We hear your concern!  I have passed on the suggestion to the Sync Team.  


@Linn Zaw Win If you are still having an issue after following the documentation I would recommend that you file a customer support request: or





@Kelly_Y thanks for sharing with the Sync Team.


Look forward to syncing my details.

@Kelly_Y Thanks for the reply.

Since the profile sync issue is related to the Organisation account, I need to raise a support ticket at Support for business and I will need a contract or subscription.

This is actually just the testing tenant to evaluation the products and not an actual organisation, so I prefer not to spend for that support.

I will just switch back to Google Chrome where the syncing works just fine with no issue. Thanks.

@MDOnsakia Just to follow up, we've made some updates and Sync is now available for M365 Business Premium, Business Standard, or Business Basic customers.  


Here is our updated documentation:





@Kelly_Y Is there any way to find out what is missing instead of use seeing the "Sync isn’t available for this account. Learn more" generic message?


That is for the user with Office 365 E3 licence and there are no specific group policies applied in the tenant (everything is the default setting).




@Linn Zaw Win It seems to me that your PC cannot connect to the sync server endpoint. You may want to try the instructions here: Diagnose and fix Microsoft Edge sync issues | Microsoft Docs


@Kelly_Y Yes the error message should be more specific, or at least allow easy access to a technical version. For me a link to edge://sync-internals is good enough, like this:


Sync isn't available for this account. Learn More Debug Info




@Kelly_Y  Thanks a bunch, I now note that 'Sync is on' - with a green tick. Much appreciate this change.


Kudos to the team.

Thanks, @KenChong. I opened edge://sync-internals/ and I found the error message under the "Type info" section.


"Microsoft Information Protection service is disabled"

@Linn Zaw Win You may want to verify if the required service is enabled: Activate Azure RMS with the Azure portal - AIP | Microsoft Docs


Also check edge://policy/ and see if SyncDisabled is shown and set to true.

Thanks for your response, @KenChong 


I checked edge://policy/ and SyncDisabled is not listed in the list of policies.

I believe it is due to the Azure Information Protection policy not being configured in our environment. I really appreciate for showing me the right direction to find out what is the issue.


For being a small startup company, I don't think we have enough expertise to set up all those stuff by the global administrators. I will just give up setting up Sync for the edge with my Work account and use my personal account instead.

@Linn Zaw Win I agree with you that it is somewhat complicated to turn sync on for the first time. The prerequisites should be on by default so that the sync is ready for use. Hope Microsoft can fix this soon.