Sync new Edge favorites with IE

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We need a favorites sync with legacy IE, like old Edge did ( !


If this wil not come, we need to put the bookmarks (afvorites) to a network share (homdrive).

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@Thilo Langbein 


I can see something like this getting setup with IE Mode integration possibly.


We are still in the preview states of IE Mode integration with Edge Dev Enterprise, but you have to edit the registry to setup that up anyways this might be something you could possibly do at the same time in the future.


Thanks for the feature request,



Please, fix the basic sync first. It's been so long broken and your focus shouldn't be to add new features until the basic one are completely fixed. :(


I've tried clearing cache, deleting Edge's %APPDATA%, uninstall/reinstall Edge.

I've even tried Canary build and yet,the setting is greyed out everywhere.


@V-FRROME I wanted to  clarify that IE mode does not handle this scenario. Currently migration of this content from IE11 -> Microsoft Edge exists, but continuous syncing between IE11 and Microsoft Edge does not.


@Thilo Langbein Can you describe the use case that you have where you would want to be able to continuously sync this info?  If you were to do the migration of this upfront, and then leverage IE mode in Microsoft Edge going forward (instead the IE11 app) would that be sufficient?

@Steve Rugh 


Wie use to (permanently) sync favorites between (old) Edge und IE. The favorites are redirected ( to a network share.


This would be a big advantage over Google's Chrome.



It would be pretty cool if this favorites sync can utilize the same favorites folder that already exists in user profiles. I know many organizations today use that folder, and Group Policy favorites for IE uses it. If there can be a way that those favorites can "automagically" appear in favorites for Edge I know that would solve lots of enterprise-related questions.


I am already familiar with the favorites management in Chrome and the new Edge, but it would be great if the enterprise favorites policies that all organizations have already set up and just work with the new Edge with a group policy or registry tweak. It would be super nice and elegant.

I‘m afraid Microsoft will not help us in this case. We check, if we can use a extension for this.

@Thilo Langbein 


I believe their enterprise-minded department at Microsoft would want to correct it. I believe such a department might still exist. :) 


A team at Microsoft are the ones who decided to use a "Favorites" folder under c:\documents and settings\user\Favorites in Win XP, which then controls any Favorites for IE. Many enterprises still use IE every day, and this Edge IE mode feature will allow those enterprises to change the default browser to Edge and use IE mode for all their sites that require. 


Given that, it just makes sense to have the Edge-ium browser sync with IE favorites since those are already managed by corporate policy. 


The policy to manage Favorites in Chrome / Edge Beta is a nightmare with json... I'm working on a Powershell tool to create an interface that will allow admins to update and manage the favorites policy, but the Group Policy snap-in requires a one-line version of the JSON file. It is in their best interest to make the favorites management from an enterprise view as elegant (like it is with IE favorites) as possible.


However, I also understand that Chromium is an entirely different browser and to rewrite the bookmarks portion of it might be a big undertaking. Still - it would be the best experience for organizations to manage favorites from one place. Or at least have an option to keep the Edge Beta / IE favorites in sync with each other.





We're thinking about writing a browser extension (for edgium) to syn favorites (via a application server) with users (ie) favorites folder.


Please keep me up to date with your solution in this scenario.

@Steve Rugh @V-FRROME 

Any update on this? With January 15th, just around the corner, this is a big feature still needing implemented in the new Edge browser.


I agree with @Thilo Langbein and @Senturion33 in that we use and see immense benefit of redirected Favorites folders that can be managed and accessed outside the browser in a very easy fashion. Edge (old) had the ability to turn this sync on and we LOVED it. A forced move to Edge (Chromium) without this feature will be a huge loss of functionality. Ability to sync to AAD profile is wonderful, but still takes away some of the functionality we are used to in our deployments in our school districts.


As FYI, the enabling of this (old) Edge <> IE Favorites sync behavior is documented in the following two MS locations: and


I would think this (additional Favorites folder) sync feature needs developed before pushing to enterprise customers (which includes schools).





Jared Pickerell

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We too would like Edge Chromium to sync back to the user profile Favourites folder like Edge Legacy does.

@Thilo Langbein 


This was a really handy setting - we need this back!

Indeed as an Enterprise Version we would need the settings back (Keep Your Favorites Sync between IE and Edge) ,further more to publish Favorites in new edge through Group Policy was a mission for me but some how manage to that @Naz9mm 

@ImranMuhammad350 What did you use to Publish Favs in to New Edge via GPO?

@Naz9mm Used the Json Script , include as stated in the Policies Toplevel_name and followed by children which appear as a folder.


For Example


[{"toplevel_name":"Company Links"},{"name":"Folder 1","children":[{"name":"Smile","url":""},{"name":"ABC","url":""},{"name":"Office 365","url":""}]},{"name":"Folder 2","children":[{"name":"UK","url":""}]}]


We need at least to put the bookmarks / favorites to a network share. It's impossible to use the browser without this feature. Users are used to this feature.

@bin_da Done!

Done too!