Support NoFrameMerging in Edge IE Mode

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We have applications that require separate process trees when running in Internet Explorer. With Edge IE Mode there does not appear to be a way to accomplish the same functionality as was available in IE with noframemerging. Having this feature implemented would be a great help with allowing our applications to move to Edge with IE Mode.

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@Jeff1000 Hi - Thanks for reaching out!  We've posted some information in our IE Mode documentation.  Please see: 


If those options do not work in your case, feel free to follow up here and I can pass the information on to our team.  Thanks! 



@Jeff1000 Hello!  It's been a little while since your post.  I wanted to follow up as the IE mode team is doing some investigation about nomerge in Microsoft Edge.  Specifically they are trying to understand better how customers are using nomerge. 


Would you be able to answer the following?   


  1. For your scenario, do you use the nomerge command-line option, the registry option, and/or the new session option?
  2. When you are in a scenario that requires nomerge, are you usually using multiple tabs in the same window?  If so, are those tabs part of the same workflow.

Hoping you can help! Thank you! 



I'm also interested by this feature.

We want to provide to ours advisors a separate Edge window for each customer.

In each customer window, multiples tabs (Chromium or/and IE) can be added following InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList flag preferences.

We use the noframemerging option for ours applications that don't manage correctly session

And we use IE mode for: activeX, VBscript, specific rendering

The creation of new profiles is not exactly what we are looking for:

- between profiles, on Edge tabs, the session is not shared, so each time the user has to reauthenticate (or we have to inject direclty cookies in sqlite database...)

- extensions and bookmarks defined on one profile are not shared instantly between each windows even if synchronization is enabled

- the copy on the fly of a new profile takes time (around 150Mo) (an advisor can manage at the same time 10-20 customers)

The best way should be in the XML file through (InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList) a new tag like :

<site url=""><compat-mode framemerging="false">IE11</compat-mode><open-in>MSEdge</open-in></site>

The support of the HKLM registry property framemerging=0 should be great too

Thanks in advance

@Gilles_L Thanks for the feedback!  I've passed it on to the IE mode team!