Small problems with RelaunchNotification policy

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Hello folks,


to prevent never updated Edge instances because some of our "specialists" never close their edge and never reboot their client we use the policy "RelaunchNotification" -> Notify a user that a browser restart is recommended or required for pending updates


We set it to:

Required (2) = Required - Show a recurring prompt to the user indicating that a restart is required


This works fine overall. But there are situations where the user never sees the prompt and gets surprised by the restart of the browser.


The popup is modal and comes only with the first edge window. If the user opended several windows and the one getting the popup is a forgotten background window the user never gets the information and Edge restarts without warning.


Maybe it would be better to prompt it on every window.




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@Joachim_T Hello!  I took a look in the backlog and wasn't able to find anything similar to this issue you are describing. 


Just to confirm, users open a number of MS Edge windows and only get the notification in one of the windows which can cause them to miss the notification.  Is that correct?  Thanks! 





Yes thats right. You got it. Its not a real big problem because 95% of our users never see the notification. They reboot daily or close edge after work. And 90% of the remaining users have only a single edge windows with a lot of tabs. But unfortunatly there are 3 or 4 how i call them window messys with dozen of open never again used edge (and many other) windows. Even then no security problem. Edge closes and new version is active. Its just a tiny little comfort problem for a hand full of users who might or might not get suprised by a suddenly restarting Edge.


@Joachim_T Thanks!  I've submit the feedback to the team.  Not sure how it will be prioritized but we will follow up once there are any updates!