Since Edge V105 IE Mode (Windows 20H2)

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I have both edge and IE 11 popup blocking disabled by Policy. However, sites rendered in IE mode are having internal popups blocked.

I've been able to work around by using control panel internet options and turning on the Popup blocker then settings "low: Allow pop-ups from secured sites"

Is there a fix in the works for this issue?

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@rgrisi Hi - Do you know in what version of MS Edge the behavior changed?  I took a quick look and was not able to find anything related (but I might have missed something)!


Have you reached out to Support?  They should be able to gather logs and help investigate your specific case.  Thanks! 



So far it only is occurring with a limited amount of users using 2 internal applications. I'm able to apply the workaround on the few and will contact support if this gets wide spread.

Thank you.