Share your feedback about Microsoft Edge on Linux (Enterprise)


Hi Everyone!  The Microsoft Edge team wants to understand the Linux environment in the Enterprise space and what needs to be there in order for Edge on Linux to be successful. We want to understand the landscape, machine management, wishes and wants, limitations, etc. The more information you’re able to provide whether or not you’re an IT Admin, App Developer, or observer, the better we are at building the features and manageability requirements for Edge.


We've put together a short survey that helps us gather information as to what, if any, manageability requirements are needed. It would be great if you could take a minute and fill it out. Thanks for your help!



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Hi! @iadcallahan @Leonardo_Augusto @Ajay_T @tresf I noticed you folks had recent questions about MS Edge on Linux here on the Tech Community.  Please take a look at our survey and provide some feedback to the team :smile:  Thanks! 

Not to "beat a dead horse" but I am on the command line almost all the time. when I am not. I am on Office365. This means that I need a lot of tools native to a full fledged Linux OS and a browser that lets me use our AAD. Many of our servers have the desktop installed so having Edge on these would allow access to "Onedrive" to share files ,etc. I have a desktop running F34 and Edge so that I can keep looking forward to jumping onto it full time...

I m planning to use Edge browser on linux (Centos). Google search led me to the following site :
Befoere I download stuff from that site, I would like to get confirmation it is a legitimate site  (since the URL doesn't end with a owned /managed by Microsoft.

@burnthecode Yes!  You found the right place :smile:  Currently for MS Edge on Linux we have Beta Channel and Dev Channel builds available here: Thanks! 



Hey,I have been using Edge on Ubuntu LTS 20.04 for a month now.
Recently I wanted to tinker with bash script and wanted to launch MS Edge from the terminal just like how I could launch it from the Command Prompt on windows.
What is the command?
Thank you!
Exactly this. Linux as a tier-one supported environmnet is very important.
@Kelley_Y Thanks for this post. I did not see it at first and just created this:

Allowing our Linux users the ability to sign-in with their AAD accounts is paramount to our adoption of the browser as a first step. Thanks for the thread! :)


To let you know that the on screen keyboard does not work with Microsoft edge beta and Gnome 3.38 on Ubuntu 21.04. Works with Firefox and Gnome web but keyboard not selected when search bar tapped

@Kelly_Y The only thing missing from the current Beta channel release that I've noticed so far, is profile sync with AAD. It seems to only allow syncing with personal/Microsoft/live accounts.

@challamzinnia @jrummell-elite Thanks for the feedback!  I can see we've had internal discussions about sign-in with AAD accounts and sync with AAD.  No ETA but it is something on the roadmap.  



@Kelly_Y Thanks for the information. Hopefully this is something that will get prioritized sooner rather than later :)

@Kelly_Y   I really hope to see support for work account sign-in for Linux. 

Edge on Linux is massively broken when logged into AAD, it crashes immediately! what happened and can I help?

@jtremblay Hello!  If this is something that recently started occurring, you can submit diagnostic data through our in-browser feedback tool.  It's under "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.  Or you can also reach out to Support (, they should be able to gather logs and other diagnostic data to help investigate your case.  Thanks! 




Can't get Edge to stay open long enough to submit. I have also tried it from another RHEL based install and the same thing happens. It seems like its an issue with  AAD security...


FWIW I am using Linux Edge, signed in to AAD, to post this response. I have not experienced any issues.

I am running Version 108.0.1462.20 (Official build) beta (64-bit) on Linux Mint 20.3 (Kernel 5.4.0-132-generic.