Setting Google as default search provider?

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Edge Dev Version 81.0.389.2 Windows 10 build 1903

I followed the guides from here

Goal is for Google to be standard for all users instead of Bing.

Preferably also on new tab if that's possible?

Currently when i search in the url bar nothing happens when i press enter. 




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Remove both the quotes around the search provider URL AND the ending quote after the suggestions URL


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@Gleeman That worked thanks. Do you know if it's possible to change the new page search bar to google?

@OliverTeglhus hi, to my knowledge that's not possible. (yet)


Can be this done also using current stable version (79.0.309.71)? ... Still Bing is the one.

More thanks, Alar.

@OliverTeglhus if you change the Microsoft Search / Bing search provider for the landing page you _will_ loose Office 365 search integration...


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@Henno_KeersI am aware, but noone in the org uses that anyway. Google is first choice sorry MS. ;)


What is your point even showing up in this thread? I'm asking for a solution to a problem, and you show up with unwarranted comments. If you want to be a MS drone go do it somewhere else.


I was looking for a solution for my organisation; a recommended setting for Google as search provider.

At the moment it does not seem to be implemented.

You seem to be short-tempered, sorry if I annoyed you.


Reg, Henno