Set Edge home page GPO, but only for work profile

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We're using the latest Edge ADMX template to set users' home page to our intranet page by policy. However, we're finding that it sets the home page for all Edge profiles for every user. Some users have added their personal profiles to Edge (perfectly okay for us), but the GPO is also setting the home page under that profile. Is there any way to use GPO to set the home page only under the user's "Work" profile, which syncs automatically using their Azure credentials, and leave the personal profile untouched by this policy?

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@Jeff Lamb Hello!  Can you share what policies you are using to set the home page?  If there is no personal information, it would help to have a screenshot of edge://policy/.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y - There is actually quite a bit of company-confidential info in those policies. One of the policies is "HomepageLocation", which sets the intranet URL. That policy exists in both the "work" and "personal" Edge profiles. Are you aware of a means to apply Edge user policies only to the "work" profile, and ignore the personal profile?

@Jeff Lamb Hi!  I spoke to the team and they confirmed the policy will apply to all profiles.  One workaround would be to configure the profile as "Recommended" so the user would be able to override.  


If this something that is necessary for your organization, you can submit feature requests directly to the team through our in-browser feedback tool.  It's under "..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback.  Thanks! 



@Jeff Lamb  Hi Jeff

I don't know if you will even see this but do you know how you set it up to work on Work and Personal profiles, it's only working on Work Profiles for us. 

can you let me know how your GPO was set? 

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@Sheraz_Sarrdar We use Ivanti Environment Manager for our Edge ADMX policies. You can do the same thing with AD or Intune though. Get the latest Edge policy templates from (Get policy files).


We set these three policies:

Action to take on startup - enabled - 4 (Open a list of URLS)

Configure the home page URL - enabled - https://urlOfHomePage.html

Sites to open when the browser starts - enabled - https://urlOfHomePage.html

@Jeff Lamb Hi Jeff

Didn't think you would reply so quick, i had done those settings but it applies to Work profile and not personal. i think the reason why that might be is that the personal profile is linked to the users own hotmail account or something and it won't be able to force it to open our sharepoint site.

thank you for your help Jeff.


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