Sending page from other device (e.g. Edge on Windows 11) to Edge Android is working

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I think I found a bug in Android Edge Enterprise Sync that affects all AAD account.


Chromium-based browser has a "push"-like mechanism to handle sending a tab across session. This feature works when "Notifications Enabled" under edge://sync-internals has the status of True.


(Semi-related old bug on the upstream:


When it is inactive (status False) pages you sent to target device will not trigger any notification (user click on the notification to open the sent URL); you have to go to settings to initiate sync to make the notification appears.


I tested three different AAD account from different tenants and found out that "Notification Enabled" is always false when signed-in to Edge Android. 


Further triaging suggests that this bug:

  • Only affects AAD account. MSA account has "Notification Enabled" = true. 
  • Only affects Edge Android. Windows and Linux Edge has "Notification Enabled" = true
  • Happens on Edge Android stable (100.0.1185.50) and Play Store Beta/Insider (102.0.1245.12).

When "Notification Enabled" = true I get the sent page/tab within few seconds, which is great. Sadly this never happens with Edge Android + AAD account.


I have tried to file bug report via in-app "send feedback" quite few while back, no response.


More recently, I submitted a support ticket, but got brushed off as business support case and suggested to pay minimum to $95 just to report a bug, which is silly.


So, I hope posting this will bring the attention to Edge Team. @Kelly_Y  ;)





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@aryasenna Thanks for reporting!  I've reached out to the team to take a look.  We'll follow up with any updates or if there are any follow up questions.  



@aryasenna Hello!  The team has tested and was not able to reproduce.  They tested on 

Android v102.0.1245.12 and even if Notification Enabled shows false in Android, they still could see the notification of the page drop from desktop.


Would you be able to test again?  They recommended using the latest version 102, which should be available in the next day or so.  Thanks!