Reorder the language on Edge

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There is a way to reorganize the preferred language on the edge centrally, regedit or GPO.

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@marconunes Hello! Thanks for reaching out!  This is something our team is currently investigating!  I've passed your feature request on to the them.  It looks like we've had other similar requests for this feature as well.  We can follow up with you if we hear any updates from our team.  



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@marconunes Hello!  We've added a new Policy (DefinePreferredLanguages) included in V89 of Microsoft Edge.  


Please see: 


Let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!



@Kelly_Y I cannot find that setting from GPO. I did download latest ADMX files etc. I got all sort of new settings but not (DefinePreferredLanguages). I did try also registry setting but it does nothing :\ Need to get en-US to first. Edge is version 90

@Banaanivene  Hello!  Thanks for reaching out!  I downloaded the latest policy files and I'm able to see DefinePreferredLanguages included.  




Did you download the latest MS Edge policy files from here: