"Enable deleting browser history and download history" policy


I have disabled the ability for my users to delete their browsing and download history through the policy "Enable deleting browser history and download history".


There is a new option in the Settings menu to delete IE data too, but this policy is not applied properly.  Users can delete their browser and download history here too, even though the Policy briefcase icon is shown.


Also, the button is the wrong colour, it's grey instead of blue.


Aantekening 2019-12-04 115351.png

Aantekening 2019-12-04 115353.pngAantekening 2019-12-04 115352.png



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I think you're using that kind of policy that shows the briefcase next to that option but users can still override it.
for most of the Edge policies, there are 2 types of them, one set of them can let users override them.


like this


Annotation 2019-12-05 113952.png




I'm using On-Prem Group Policy and I'm certain that these are admin (fixed) policies.  I haven't set any "user can override" policies because I'm the Admin, and MY choice is THE choice.

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Okay, so I worked it out. 


The briefcase icon is shown, even if the corresponding IE Group Policies are not configured.  This probably counts as a bug, but maybe it's hard to implement the correct detection for this.  Changing the button to blue should be an easy fix.


I also set the following policies alongside my Edge policies, and now it behaves as expected.  These policies were NOT set previously in IE in my environment.


Computer Configuration/Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Delete Browsing History

Prevent deleting download history = Enabled

Prevent deleting websites that the user has visited = Enabled


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Nice, those policies need to be included in the Edge's group policy configuration files too