"Compatibility View" option not found in EDGE browser

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The IE browser is about to be replaced by EDGE (our company no longer allows the use of IE), there is a very important problem that needs your help urgently.

There are some very important websites in my work that need to be added to the [Compatibility View] list of the IE browser to open normally, but I can't find this option in the new EDGE browser, there is no previous IE compatibility view setting option, may I ask How to deal with it?

Note: I'm looking for the "Compatibility View Settings" option, not "Internet Explorer Mode Pages". The website needs to be added to Compatibility View for the URL to be accessed normally. please add the two URLs "cccf.com.cn" and "safe.gov.cn", thank you.

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@Yan_Eric Hi!  It looks like your question was answered on the Q&A site.


Adding the link here for reference: How to enable Compatibility View in Edge, not IE Compatibility Mode - Microsoft Q&A