Questions regarding best practices for updating IE 11 legacy apps to Edge

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1) We are about to start testing our legacy IE 11 apps in Edge. We need to know if it's OK to leave IE 11 installed on those machines when we are doing testing of legacy applications in Edge or should we remove IE 11 completely from those machines?


2) Will Microsoft be sending out updates to Windows 10 that will uninstall IE 11 at some point in the future or will it simply stop being supported but will remain installed on our machines?

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@kyleparliament1 Hi! If you need to utilize Microsoft Edge IE mode for your legacy sites, the IE11 engine is required.


Instead of removing IE11 it is possible to disable IE11 as a standalone browser and IE mode will continue to function.  Here is additional documentation about disabling IE11: Disable Internet Explorer 11 | Microsoft Docs


In regard to your other question, below is a section copied from Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement FAQ - Microsoft Tech Community


Will the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application be removed from devices?

No. The IE11 desktop application will not be removed from devices, as the IE11 engine is required for IE mode to function. However, after the IE11 desktop application is retired on June 15, 2022, it will be disabled permanently. 


Will iexplore.exe be removed from devices?

No, but if a user tries to access it, they will be unable to open IE11 and will be redirected to Microsoft Edge.