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  1. Do these new admx(dec 9th release) control both edge html and edge chrome? There is edge settings under Windows Components like always but now there is also edge settings just under admin templates. It seems these new ones under admin templates is controlling both edge html and edge chrome but maybe I'm wrong?

  2. How the heck does enterprise site list work now? I have the following settings:

InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel 1 PlatformDeviceMandatory OK

InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList "\\costcostore\win 10testing\enterprisemode.xml"

This seemed to be working but now my two IE 11 still needed sites load IE 11 when you open edge html but when you try from edge chrome(jesus they need a better name) the sites will not load

My home page will not work in edge chome beta but works in the edge cannery:

HomepageIsNewTabPage falsePlatformDeviceMandatoryOK

HomepageLocation http://costointranet/

When I open beta it goes to the "new tab" like page where you have a background pic and most visited sites, if I click on the home button it goes to the home page I have set. The cannery and edge html both go to my set home page

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So it seems there is bug or what it removed that the enterprise site list could be found using a UNC path? It worked for the half the day but now under compact for edge is shows my path but says there is no list. Edge html is reading this without issue?

So worked on this a little more today and found this:


Even if the unc patch to the enterprise site list has spaces in it, you don't need to use "" around it, chrome edge reads its fine without and now everything works great in beta,dev, can


But now my site list won't update in edge html, man I can't wait for this browser to be dead