Questions about IE mode and WebRTC-based conferencing systems

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  •  現在分かっている課題
    • EdgeでIEモード中の画面をMeet等のWebRTCを用いた会議システムでウィンドウ共有 or タブ共有すると正しく共有されない
  • 質問事項
    • Edgeのプロセスを完全に分離すると正しく表示されると思われるが、Edgeの起動オプション等でそのようなことが可能か
    • 上記以外で該当の課題を解決する方法はあるか


  • Currently known issues
    • When using WebRTC-based conferencing systems such as Meet to share a window or tab while in IE mode with Edge, the screen is not shared correctly.
  • Question
    • It seems to be possible to separate the Edge processes completely, but is it possible to do so with Edge startup options, etc.?
    • Is there any other way to solve this issue other than the above?


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@bell-presales-eng Hi! Yes, Meet recommends modern browsers like Microsoft Edge so there is a chance to have compatibility issues if using IE mode.  


Requirements for using Google Meet - Google Meet Help


Can you share why IE mode is necessary in your scenario?





Thank you for your reply.

Yes,I can!
- There is one company that uses Edge as their main browser.
- The company uses a Web conferencing system that uses WebRTC, such as Google Meet.
- The company has a proprietary system that works only in IE.
- When I try to share the screen of the proprietary system with the WebRTC-based conferencing system, it does not display properly.
What is the problem?

My point of view
- It seems that if we completely separate the Edge process, it will display correctly, but we would like to know if it is possible to do that with Edge startup options, etc.
- We would like to know if there is any other way to solve this problem.

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@bell-presales-eng Hello - Thanks for the additional information.  I'm not sure if it will help in your specific scenario but MS Edge IE mode does support the 'no-merge' option to create a separate session.  More information here: Internet Explorer (IE) mode troubleshooting and FAQ | Microsoft Docs


Also, you can always contact App Assure at or Support Support - Microsoft Edge Developer to work with you directly.  Thanks!