[question] Is there a way for bookmark folder menu to stay open?

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Hi, guys. 

Are there any plans to add the feature (for example via ://flags) to prevent bookmark folder menu from closing after opening just one bookmark? If a folder has multiple bookmarks I want to open I now must click folder every single time. 

I know it's been done in Opera and Firefox also has that possible. 

That would be a great improvement :smile: 


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@hexangst Thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the MS Edge Insider's community!

  • Can you tell us more about the scenarios in which it'd be helpful to be able to open multiple Favorites at once?
  • Would having a persistent Favorites toolbar address this for you? (If so, you can change that preference through Ctrl + Shift + B.) 
  • If you go to the Favorites management pages (Ctrl + Shift +O, or type in "edge://favorites" into your URL bar) you can also open multiple Favorites at once. Does that help, or does it need to be from the dropdown menu specifically?


We chatted with the Favorites team, and they asked you to please submit this suggestion through the browser if you haven't yet (Shift + Alt + I) so that they can keep it together with the rest of their feedback?




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@Deleted Thank you for the reply :smile:

It comes very handy when you want to open let's say 5 out of 10 bookmarks in the folder. You can do that now by clicking middle mouse button (MMB) on a folder and open all of them, then close 5 unwanted pages, or you can open each of those you want, but with a dropdown menu closing after you've opened a bookmark you're gonna have to open a folder 5 times and 5 times click on a bookmark. 
To put it simply:  I would love it if the folder stayed open instead of closing after I middle click on the favorite within a folder.

edge://favorites does exactly what I am looking for, but it would be so much better with the dropdown menu. 

I will submit my feedback to the Favorites team right away.

Thank you. 

@hexangst Sure thing, happy to help however I can! Great, thanks for submitting that feedback. The product team really appreciates it when folks share their thoughts to help improve the browser.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge