PWA Install of Yammer, no desktop icon created

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We are trying to deploy Yammer to users through the PWA function of Edge.

Have updated the registry key: WebAppInstallForceList


and have added the string:




The web application installs fine however it does not create the desktop icon, if you manually go into web app and select yammer and select create desktop icon it works. But we want to automate this process as we have 100's of users.


If there a reason the desktop icon will not automatically add using the function above?


Edge version 91.0.864.59 64-Bit.






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Still not managed to get his working, will raise this to Microsoft as a bug.

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@KevHal Hello!  I can see our developers just released a fix for a similar issue which is available in MS Edge Canary Channel Build 93.0.939.0+.  Would you be able to test on the new build and see if your issue is resolved?  Thanks! 




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Hi Kelly,

That is brilliant, worked straight away on Canary, least I now know its a bug.

Any plans of when this will be added to the official build?


@KevHal Great!  Thanks for testing and confirming!  


Right now the fix is scheduled to be included in v93 Stable but our developers are trying to see if it can make it into the v92 release.  We can keep you updated!  Just for reference, here is the release schedule:



@Kelly_Y - are you able to publish a workaround, such as scripting a shortcut creation?

@Roy Gould Sorry, I don't know of a workaround.  But if the fix can get into v92, we are expecting Stable v92 to be released the week of 22-Jul-2021.  We can keep you folks updated.  Thanks! 



@KevHal @Roy Gould Good news!  The fix is available in the current Beta build version 92.0.902.45 and is expected to be included in the Stable release next week.  Let us know if you are still seeing issues after updating.  Thanks!