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As it becomes clear that PWAs are going to be more a part of the Enterprise application 'library' moving forward, we could really do with a way to deploy them centrally via Intune/SCCM/GPO.


Yes we can create a shortcut but it is a far cry from the full PWA experience - appid created, icons of various sizes auto-generated, the Edge border/background colorised etc.


Even something like "msedge.exe --create-pwa" that we can script through as, pretty much, that's all a user does in the GUI.  I realise i'm over-simplifying things quite a lot :)


Is there any way this can be done centrally yet?  Or if not - is it at least on a roadmap somewhere?

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i am slowly understanding thank you

@thecockneymanc Hello!  Have you tried the WebAppInstallForceList policy?  Hopefully it can help! 


Here is a link to the documentation: Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Docs




Hi, i tried the "WebAppInstallForceList" GPO, but for example its provoking inconveniences with "".
I can not predefine a Shortcut Name and Icon and with Outlook it takes long to compete the WebApp configuration.
I think its an authentication issue because i tried the same with and the WebApp gets its "Youtube"-Icon immediately.

@matte_pe Hello!  I wanted to follow up as we have an upcoming feature being added to the WebAppInstallForceList Policy in V89 that will allow you to override the app name.  


Here is a link to our updated documentation: 


Let us know if there are any questions.  Thanks!