Profile not syncing even after enabling Azure Information Protection and Enterprise State Roaming

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Hey guys,


I'm trying to troubleshoot a weird issue with edge profile sync as an existing user account that had EMS enabled (intune, Azure AD P1 and so on) cannot use egde sync, but new user accounts can.


Edge is giving the following error:




But I cannot find any policy/rule in Azure Information Protection about that, same for enterprise state roaming with is a simple on/off switch. Can anyone shed some light here please?

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@AlexB Thanks for letting us know, Alex! I'll reach out to the Sync and Identity teams and pass along any troubleshooting suggestions. In the meantime, please submit diagnostics through the browser if you haven't yet.


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@AlexB, when some users can sync but others cannot with this error, it is sometimes due to an Azure Information Protection onboarding policy. The configuration of this policy can be seen with the Get-AipServiceOnboardingControlPolicy cmdlet. If there are security groups present in the onboarding policy, then check to make sure that all users who need to sync are in the right security group.