Profile error after update Edge Beta from 87 to 100

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When you update Edge Beta from version 87 to 100 you will get this error message every time you start Edge Beta.


chrome_debug.log] Web SQLite error: code 1 errno 0: no such column: validity_bitfield sql: SELECT guid, company_name, street_address, dependent_locality, city, state, zipcode, sorting_code, country_code, use_count, use_date, date_modified, origin, language_code, validity_bitfield, is_client_validity_states_updated, label, disallow_settings_visible_updates FROM autofill_profiles


Delete Autocomplete database file %localappdata%\Microsoft\Edge Beta\User Data\Default\Web Data"

I have a support case open at Microsoft

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Microsoft has resolved this issue with Edge Beta v100.0.1185.27