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We control which versions are deployed in our enterprise and do not want the green update available icon to show. Is there a way to disable this in group policy?




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Are you preventing the updates with the Microsoft Edge - Update policies? For example the „ Update policy override default“ policy?
Yes that's correct. We manage updates internally, so its unhelpful for our users to see this notification, as they can't trigger an update themselves.

@DeltaWasp Hello!  Do you know if this issue started occurring once updating to MS Edge V89?  We've had some other customer reports with similar issues that started in V89 and want to confirm if you are experiencing the same thing.  


Our developers are currently investigating these reports and hopefully we will have more information soon.  Thanks! 



Yes, v89. I have 89.0.774.48 and do not see the notification, a colleague is using 89.0.774.54 and started seeing it a couple of days ago.

@DeltaWasp Thanks for confirming!  I'll check with the team and follow up once there is an ETA for a fix.  Have a great weekend! 



@DeltaWasp Hello!  Quick update, we have investigated and found the root cause.  We are working on getting the fix released to all of the different MS Edge channels :) 


We can follow up once we confirm the version numbers with the fix.  Thanks!




@DeltaWasp The fix should be in the following builds or newer. 

  • Stable 89.0.774.67
  • Beta 90.0.818.24
  • Dev 91.0.838.0

I'm just double checking on the Beta build number, if there are any changes to the information will let you know!  :)  Thanks!