PopupsAllowedForUrls GPO needs example notation to make it work

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Dear reader,


We found out while configuring the GPO setting PopupsAllowedForUrls that it requires the notation:



These are 2 settings we had to add this week.

In my knowledge the [*.] is in the documentation (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/deployedge/microsoft-edge-policies#popupsallowedforurls) foe explanation, so you should be able to use:






But... that is the case. Domain names without any *. or with *. just do not work.

Since in IE and EdgeHTML is was always, and preferred to use just domain names, this almost looks like a bug, if Google Chrome would behave differently, which it does not.

It has the same quirk.

Is this intentional or a bug in Chromium?

We have seen this behaviour in Edge 80.0.361.62 stable on Windows 10 1903


Regards, Henno

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Its just a missunderstanding

[*.]youforce.biz is the real syntax not a symbolic view on it.


so if you want to whitelist all subdomains from microsoft.com use [*.]microsoft.com just like writen. no changes. including the brackets





@Joachim_T Thanks Joachim. I will probably not be the first who reads this as I did...


regards, Henno




what is the code for the subdomains of IP-Adresses? I need to allow Popups für many Ip Adresses begin with 10.152.x.x. A the moment i have to enter each Ip adress individually.


best regards