Pop-ups not working in Edge - IE Mode

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In preparation for IE Retirement, We pushed a GP update for Edge so that our application will continue to function. The application URL was added to open in IE compatibility mode and it is working fine, performing different functions on the site opens a pop-up window. The pop-ups are required to continue, Our problem is that the browser automatically gets closed / killed whenever a popup window opens. I have updated Edge browser settings to allow Pop-Ups but no use. Would like to hear from those who faced the problem or have a solution to fix the issue. Thanks in advance!


Edge Version 100.0.1185.44 (Official build) (64-bit)

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@pnraj76 Hello!  I took a quick look and wasn't able to find any issues that might be causing the browser to close.  In the IE mode FAQ , it does cover a couple of questions about pop ups  (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/edge-ie-mode-faq#why-are-there-rendering-issues-like-tex...) but not the scenario you are describing.  


Have you had a chance to submit Feedback/diagnostic data through the browser? ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback).  You can also contact the App Assure Team if you have compatibility issues when setting up IE mode. Either request assistance or email them directly (ACHELP@microsoft.com) for free remediation assistance.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Thank you for taking a quick look at it. The application uses Active X controls. APP loads fine in Edge with IE mode. As I mentioned in my above post, when I click on a button which opens a pop-up window is not working. The popup also should open in IE mode to function correctly. The popup opens in a small window and then everything gets closed automatically.

As you suggested, I will email MS Team directly (ACHELP@microsoft.com). Thanks!!

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

@veigalari @pnraj76 Hi!  Just to follow up, when this issue occurs, are you folks using a 3rd party application?  For example, Siebel?  



Any fix for this yet?

@Kelly_Y this is happening to us too and we are using Siebel. Is there a fix for this l?

HI @Kelly_Y , yes, exactly ,the application is built over Siebel v7



In the enterprise mode site list add the allow-redirect rule.

Internet Explorer (IE) mode troubleshooting and FAQ | Microsoft Docs

Why aren't pop-ups or redirected websites loading in IE mode or in Internet Explorer 11?

After configuring IE mode, certain websites, especially those sites that create a new window or a site that gets redirected may not render in IE mode or open in Internet Explorer 11.

For this kind of redirected website, you can make use of the allow-redirect="true" in the site list configuration. For more information, see Updated schema elements.

allow-redirectA boolean attribute of the <open-in> element that controls the behavior for redirected sites. Setting this attribute to "true" indicates that the site will open in IE11 or Microsoft Edge even if the site is navigated to as part of a HTTP or meta refresh redirection chain. Omitting the attribute is equivalent to "false" (sites in redirect chain will not open in another browser).
<site url="contoso.com/travel">
<open-in allow-redirect="true">IE11 </open-in>

@TravisCutts @pnraj76 @veigalari @ara2148 Based upon previous conversations with Oracle, this issue is occurring on older versions of Siebel (like Siebel 7) which uses ActiveX controls and has been out of support for about 10 years.


It would be best to reach out to Oracle for follow up on this problem. In addition, browser-independent versions of the Siebel software suite are available (known as OpenUI), which do not have ActiveX control dependencies, meaning MS Edge can be used directly, instead of having to rely in IE mode.  The recommended path forward is to upgrade to a version of Siebel that supports modern web standards.  Thanks! 



Hi. This is not an option until the end of the year. We have too many things that depend on others and it is complex to do migrations. So the idea that everything that worked in IE would work in Edge with compatibility mode is not real.