Policy ShowMicrosoftRewards doesnt prevent to show up Microsoft Rewards in Menu any more

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Hello together,


since Beta 111 Microsoft Rewards shows up in menu of Edge even if ShowMicrosoftRewards is set to false.

Its first time recognized in 111.0.1661.27. Not sure if it showed up before in other 111 Versions.


2023-03-02 07_15_32-Start.png




If a user opens the menu point a login page shows up. 


These kind of personal data stealing functions have to be completly removed in our company by law.


Please fix this asap. I cant risk that a federal data protection office shows up and shut us down because of this.


Thanx in advance


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@Joachim_T Hi!  I've reached out to the team about this.  We'll follow up with any insights from them.  Thanks! 



@Joachim_T Hi!  Quick update, the team has made a fix in Microsoft Edge v113.  They are investigating backporting the fix to prior versions, like v112 as well.  


Please let us know if you are still able to reproduce after updating/testing on v113.  Thanks! 




Very thanxs for your efforts. So far it seems to work in Beta 113.0.1774.9.

Unfortunaly, because we are only on extended stable, we cant participate in this improvement before 114. So still a long way to go.


So backporting would be very much appreciated

I hope our compliance officers dont stumble over this automatic bribing system before its gone again.