Policy /ADMX to enforce Synchronization with Azure AD account

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Hello Insiders, when configuring Edge via ADMX / Intune I am missing one hugely important option:

The is currently no template to enforce the synchronization with an Azure AD account. In the initial setup experience the user must actively opt-in to activate the sync.



In enterprise environments we must ensure that favorites are automatically backed up (in case of device change etc.). It is not possible to trust that the users activates this setting on its own (they also might not understand the impact or just skip this step without reading).

Such policy would be great - and it is also a key point for a wider roll out in several projects.

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I agree as well, especially in schools with students that switch devices regularly this is impossible to manage otherwise. It seems Microsoft are working on it though: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-edge-ama/what-policies-would-you-like-added-to-micr...