Please bring back support for ftp

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With v88 of the chromium engine the support for ftp has been completely deleted from the code, so ftp-servers can't be reached in Edge Dev and Canary anymore (since they both now use v89). 

Instead the browsers tries to open an external ftp-client (if installed).

Please bring back this useful and in many business environments (like ours ;)) still needed feature, before the stable channel of Edge switches to v88 end of January 2021. 


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Make sure share your concern through Feedback option in Microsoft Edge.

I believe you still should be able to access FTP through Windows Explorer, is that correct?
Thanks for your response, already shared it via feedback.
Yes, FTP works flawlessly within Windows Explorer, it's just annoying for our users and disturbing their workflow, having to switch constantly between Edge and Explorer, especially as they are used to work on the FTP-Servers with their browser.

@Neon01 Hi!  Thanks for reaching out!  This is due to a change made in the Chromium project. 


More information can be found here: Site compatibility-impacting changes coming to Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Development | Microso...