Pasting text into a SharePoint 2010 site, using Edge, removes all line feeds and carriage returns

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We currently use SharePoint 2010 (migrating soon to SP2019) and our Users are on Windows 10 (10.0.18363 Build 18363). 


Our Users routinely do this process:


  1. Highlight text from any source (Outlook email, Word, etc)
  2. Copy this highlighted text (CTRL+C, or use menu)
  3. Run a Browser (IE11, Edge, Chrome)
  4. Navigate to a SP2010 website
  5. Click the link to any SP2010 List having a multi-line field
  6. Edit a list item in this SP2010 list
  7. Paste (CTRL+V, or use menu) into the list item's multi-line field
  8. Save


If the User later views that updated SP2010 list item, they will find this:


  1. When using IE11, the pasted text displays as expected. 
  2. When using Edge Legacy or Chromium, the pasted text displays as if it were one large sentence.  All line feeds and carriage returns were removed after the SP2010 save was completed.
  3. When Using Chrome, the results are the same as when using Edge


Wondering if this is an Edge issue. Group Policy setting?  This occurs for SharePoint 2010, SP2013, SP2016 and SP2019.


Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Is it solvable?


Thank you in advance

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