Password synchronization for On-Premises Roaming Profiles

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I have been evaluating the new Edge in hopes of deploying it as the 'browser to replace all other browsers'. We currently have users switching between Legacy Edge, IE 11, and Chrome depending on which sites work best with which browser...


The major hindrance keeping us from rolling out the new Edge is the lack of Password synchronization support with the on-premises roaming profiles. My understanding is that these profiles only currently store Favorites and preferences. We do not currently have Office 365 so online synchronization isn't really an option for us at this point.


Are there any plans to add the ability to synchronize passwords with the roaming profiles? Is there an alternative solution such as redirecting the Login Data file? This is the only thing holding us back from adoption at this point.


Any information or advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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@jesseb1575 Hi Jesse - Thanks for reaching out! 


You are correct on-premises sync currently will save only the favorites and settings for a user.  (On-premises sync for Active Directory (AD) users | Microsoft Docs).  


We appreciate the feedback requesting passwords to be included with on-premises sync!  I've contacted the team and it is now on their radar.  Thanks for the feature request!



Same problem here. One Year without any solution and we cant migrate in production. I follow 3 different topics on forums and no one purpose a solution.

@davtheultimate Thanks for reaching out!  The team has this on their roadmap to add this feature but currently there is no estimated timeframe for release.  



@Kelly_Y This absolutely has to be enabled for Microsoft Edge. Not only passwords, but also search providers, extensions, and everything else that Google Chrome syncs into the profile.pb.

I am managing 10,000 clients in 140 schools for 80,000 users and was planning to finally replace Chrome with Edge in the coming months. As you might imagine, in a school, roaming between computers is the most common thing ever. Having learned that Edge only syncs settings and bookmarks on-prem has however postponed our migration plans indefinitely now.

@mdaehlmann Thank you for reaching out!  I have passed your feedback on to the team!

While those sync items were marked as "we are working on it" until Edge as of ~Spring 2021, this note is meanwhile gone. Seems Microsoft decided to make this a paid-only (= Azure AD) feature. A little objectionable to monetarize a feature that is built into Chromium imho.
Just like M$ to leave it's users in the lurch!! totally pathetic!! 2022 and this is still not implemented. No words!!