Password Leak Detection - Mandatory Setting


In our organization we have Edge as our default browser with an auto created profile with the user accounts logged in user account (pulled from Azure SSO). We want to be able to enable the password leak detection feature since we encourage users to save their passwords in the built-in manager.


Unfortunately for some reason, the GPO as it currently stands cannot be made mandatory due to "user consent" being required. Why is this? In Chrome, the same leak detection can be made mandatory. 


Is this something Microsoft will be changing in the future? I find it odd why this would require user consent if we are using a corporate profile. If it was for a personal profile, I could understand. 

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@lexcyn Hi!  I do see specifically in our Privacy whitepaper for Password Monitor it says "Microsoft Edge asks for your permission to turn on Password Monitor."  Microsoft Edge Privacy Whitepaper - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Docs


I took a quick scan and I wasn't able to find anything about making modifications to the policy but you can submit Feature Requests through the browser ("..." menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback).  





Thanks @Kelly_Y - I completely understand for personal user accounts but I see the benefit for this for enterprise users with corporate profiles.

I did submit a feedback and I might also submit a case through our premiere support (though I don't know if that will do much good).
And how does a user give a consent? I cannot find any documentation how a user can give a consent.

@Ronald Meer Hi!  Here is the section in the documentation about how to enable and give consent: