Opening RDP connections from RDWeb portal - use IE Mode or Always Open .rdp files with..."

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Since modern browsers don't support the activex control required to directly launch rdp connections from RDWeb sites, I'm looking into what my options are with Edge to make this as easy as possible for users. 

I found another thread which suggests that users should select the option to always open RDP files with the remote desktop client, to get a somewhat seamless experience.  That still is not as clean of an experience as we had in IE though, as when the RDP file is opened it requires the user to log in, rather than passing the credentials used to log into the rdweb site. 

The other option I was considering was to configure IE Mode for the RDWeb portal site, so that it would open using IE in an Edge tab.  I haven't tested this yet, but I believe that should enable the ActiveX plugin and provide a more seamless experience.  

Is one of these options recommended over the other?  Are there any other options that I should look at? 



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