Open Word/Excel Documents directly instead of Downloading - Undo Selection not available

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To configure EdgeChromium to open for example Word, Excel ... documents directly instead of downloading them, there is an Option to click "..." => "Always open Files of this type"




After checking this Option .docx Files open directly instead of downloading.

But now there seems to be no GUI-Option to undo this selection.


In edge://prefs-internals/ it can be found as "extensions_to_open": "docx",
But how can a user without editing the JSON-Settings-File undo this behaviour?

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Any reply from the product group to this question? I also look forward for a solution as deleting the whole preferences file could not be the solution.


Because in Chrome the selection can be undone:






After you have set at least one file type to open automatically, in Settings>Downloads a 'File types which are opened automatically after downloading' entry appears which you can use to clear the option.

@DavidGB Thanks. Unfortunately I don't see such an option. Neither in Settings > Download nor in Downloads







Does nobody else has this behaviour? 

@stesch79 thanks for your feedback. In version 85.0.534 I am seeing an option to clear the setting to "Always open files of this type". We expect versions including and after 83.0.478.37 to have this change. 



@i-am-kent  Such great news!!!

I have version 83.0.478.45 and here I am already able to untick the option



And, once you have ticked a file type, you can clear it in Downloads settings:



Issue solved! Many thanks!



@Gunnar-Haslinger On your computer right click a docx file and select open with, select the program you want and check "Always open with this program"

@Jake-Eakin my post is 2,5 years old. As you can see in the other 8 Answers there wasn't an option to undo this setting until Edge v85. So today it is solved with current Edge Versions.

btw: Your proposed solution "right click in explorer on .docx" has nothing to do with this Edge-Setting, that's a totally other topic.