On v95 Settings/Profiles/Personal Info now split into 2 settings, how to manage with GPO?

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In Version 95.0.1020.30 of Edge the settings under "Settings/Profiles/Personal Info" have now been split into 2 sections: "Save and fill basic info" and "Save and fill custom info". In our enterprise we have always disabled "Save and fill personal info" by setting the group policy "Enable AutoFill for Addresses" to Disabled. It appears that this policy now applies to only the first section of "Save and fill basic info". Is there a policy or registry setting that will also disable the ability to use/configure "Save and fill custom info"?

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@eking514 Hi!  I've reached out to the team to see if there is a currently policy you can use or if there are plans to create a policy.  We'll follow up once we have some information from them.  Thanks! 



I just discovered the same issue this week and have been looking for a resolution. Unfortunately I have yet to find one. Looking forward to the answer. Thanks!

@Kelly_Y. Hello. in my eyes - a proper policy is quite important. this policy is the only way to prevent security risks by data loss. for european countrys under GDPR regulation a must have.



Hello, do you have any news about cofiguring these new settings in a enterprise environment?

I am still waiting for information. Is there no way to control this, even if just with a registry key?

Hi Everyone - The team is working to update the AutofillAddressEnabled Policy but no ETA yet for when it will be available.  


@eking514 Unfortunately, the team has confirmed there is no Registry Key that will control it.  


We will follow up with updates.  Thanks! 



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Happy Tuesday!  Our team has made a fix for this and the AutofillAddressEnabled policy should now also control the Custom Info portion.  


The fix should be available in the next MS Edge Stable release (Version 96.0.1054.34+)


Please let us know if you are still having issues after updating.  Thanks! 



That is awesome news. I will watch out for the update. Thank you for following up on this!

I can confirm the fix as well with the latest release. Thanks!