Old Edge icon still in taskbar (MDT)

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I started deployment of the newly released Edge MSI (stable) with MDT. The MSI is installed as part of the Task Sequence. During the deployment everything is looking great but when first user logins they have the old Edge icon AND the new Edge icon in taskbar. Clicking on the old icon opens the new Edge. Surely a bug. 

Windows 10 Enterprise 1909 x64

Edge 79.0.309.65


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I am having the same problem in SCCM both in OSD and when deploying the created application package through Software Center.  

I also have the same issue, searching for a solutions for days now. @rishavsharan Is this confirmed as bug? Maybe you known?


This also happens in Edge v80 (stable)



Kind of the same issue going on for me but using symantec altiris, I build my image using MDT, installed edge, went through and set it has the default browser, even went ext by ext and anything that was old edge I set to the new edge. Sysprep and grab the image, deploy


New edge is set as the default mail app but old edge is showing the main browser, click on the main browser option and the only options are new chrome or IE, look at file ext and they are all set to old edge. Guessing this is due to the aggressive level they built old edge to be the default browser in win 10. Even when we set IE 11 using dism in the MDT creation when a fresh image would deploy you get pops up saying "default app had an issue setting it to edge" yet IE 11 would still be the set to to main browser  

I have tired just about every setting I can think of change in the gold image but soon as I deploy old edge is back on the system, this kills me using edge in our 1909 image as of now

Any news on this case? Can anybody from the Edge Team give us an update? :)

Any update on this case?

@ulflundh I also have same issue. I installed Edge(chromium) but the old Edge icon reappears after each reboot. 

Same problem here...



More photos of places it shows up

So again, any updates on this issue? Can the Edge team please give us an update?



@ulflundh do you already have found a solution for this?

@Pedro1982 im afraid not, still having this issue. 



I have actully found this issue in 1803 also, if you install new edge, set it has the default then go hit reset defaults it changes back to the old icon




I can also recreate the old edge icon showing under default apps in windows 10 fast ring build so O doubt a fix is coming anytime soon, we are now going to change course and make chrome our enterprise browser  

@ulflundh same problem here, Windows 10 1809 Enterprise x64 installed as Application, getting the "Default App changed"-Notifications and the double-Icon in Taskbar.
I'll try import a new DefaultAppAssoc.xml and play around with a new Start_Tasklayout.xml, maybe this helps?


Update: Indeed, changing the LayoutModification.xml in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\ to having the entry of new Edge instead of Edge Legacy, lets the icon disappear.

So I'll put a new DefaultAppAssoc.xml and a new Taskbar_StartmenLayout.xml into my Edge 80-Deployment and use it post-install, and it should be fine.


The default app changed is a known issues and will be fixed with a patch this month
Wow, setting Chrome as default browser!? Talk about having ONE issue and replacing that with twenty others. Good luck with that ...
Done, 12k endpoints across two states, the gpo’s are the same as edge pretty much, no real issues after almost 3 weeks