Offline/disable cloud spell checking

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We need offline spell checking in Edge Chromium.

The most important thing is to be able to disable all cloud content in Edge since this is not allowed by company security policy.

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@David421 Hello!  Just wanted to confirm your request.  Would it work if spellcheck is turned off? 


Currently available is the SpellcheckEnabled policy. 







It "works" with spell checking disabled but we got a lot of complaints from the test users because of this.

It would be great if it could work offline. Its a feature that has been around in other browsers for years and users have gotten used to it.

@David421 Got it, thanks for the additional details!  I'll check with the team! 



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Hi @David421 , could you please share the exact scenario (for example what site is it? are there any extensions installed?)?

Edge in-box spellcheck is all offline.


I suspect that this maybe a site or an extension that's doing spellcheck.