Office 365 E1 "Sync isn't available for this account"

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We have Office 365 E1 and Edge is telling me that sync is not available (for multiple users), which it should be according to the prerequisites on this page:


Perhaps I need to do something to kick start it, but I've not been able to find anything obvious?

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@RussUnderhill Hello! Sorry to hear about your issues!  


Just to clarify, is the error seen by all of your users or does it work for some users and broken for others?  Can you share what OS and version of MS Edge you are running?


Also, if you visit edge://sync-internals do you see any errors?  





It's all users, and the operating system is Windows 10 2004/20H2 and Server 2016 (remote desktop farm). Edge version is 86.0.622.63 (currently).


edge://sync-internals shows an actionable error with the description "Microsoft Information Protection is disabled" which is understandable as it's not part of Office 365 E1.


It also shows that the transport state is disabled, and the reason for that is "feature not supported"

@RussUnderhill   Hello!  Thanks for the information, nothing really is jumping out.  In this case, I would recommend that you file a customer support request: or


They should be able to work with you directly to gather any necessary logs and troubleshoot properly.