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If Sync is disabled ( FirstRun should not prompt for:


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@Thilo Langbein Combine this with ForceEphemeralProfiles and you get that Sync popup every time you open Edge. :( Do you know whether that popup is fixed in beta?

A gpo to suppress first run stuff is in progress.

@Thilo Langbein Great! I hope they will include the favorites bar because I'd like to force it (FavoritesBarEnabled) but it will tell my users forever to import favorites. Which they are not allowed to.

Thanks Thilo!

@Thilo Langbein Policy HideFirstRunExperience ist already documented and should be included in v80 (current beta). Haven't tested it yet:

@Thilo Langbein I've got 80.0.361.50 and the new admx installed: HideFirstRunExperience kills the synchronizing prompt. Yay! It does not get rid of the text on the favorites bar calling for a favorites import. But that is a minor problem.


I really love that the entire first run crap is gone. :)

We use AutoImport-GPO (favorites from IE) on first run.