No documented security fixes in extended stable channel

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Hello again,


once again urgent security fixes are released with V99.0.1150.46. The same day V98.0.1108.84 - from how i call it extended unsecurity channel - was published. Once again with just no documentation about the included fixes.


Our Federal Office for Information Security warned about the issues in Edge before V99.0.1150.46. But how can in be sure about to be secure with extended stable when microsoft hides all information about it?


No information here: Release notes for Microsoft Edge Security Updates | Microsoft Docs

And just empty phrases here: Microsoft Edge release notes for Stable Channel | Microsoft Docs


Will Microsoft ever provide proper information about extended stable so responsible admins can do their work?



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V99.0.1150.55 is out with CVE-2022-1096 in the wild fix.
And also a extended stable with V98.0.1108.92.

Guess what. No documentation about V98.0.1108.92 in

Even no empty phrases. So we will never know if CVE-2022-1096 is included


How do you call this? Fog of war?


A new line empty phrases for V98.0.1108.92 we now can find under
"Fixed various bugs and performance issues for Extended Stable release" is a non documentation. Just God knows if CVE-2022-1096 is included.