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Good Evening Forum Members,

My wife uses and has 2 factor authentication enabled on her account to provide her that extra security. Previously on legacy Microsoft Edge she would navigate to Hotmail by typing into her Edge browser.

The first time she had done this she is challenged by requesting a verification code to be sent via email or text message.

She enters in her secondary email address or last for digits to her phone number to receive the verification code. The verification code is successfully sent. and the next screen proceeds to the Verification Code input screen.

She successfully enters the verification code and underneath the input box there is a checkbox that asks to 'Don't ask me again for this device'.

Now she did not have to do this again on this computer.

Along rolls the New Microsoft Edge Version 83.0.478.58 and her old legacy 'working' Edge browser is automatically updated. Now, every time she launches Hotmail by following her tried and trusted procedure she is asked to reinput this verification code all the time, even though she ticks the box to 'Don't ask me again for this device'.

How does she fix this within the New Microsoft Edge. It is driving her insane. It worked so much better in the previous legacy Edge browser.

Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Cheers & thanks in advance

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I recognise the issue, we have similar issues at work. Lets see if the circumstances are the same:
* Does she logon the Windows 10 system with the same Hotmail account?
* Does she login with Edge and has Sync set up?

G'day @Henno_Keers - Thanks for reaching out. She logs onto the Windows 10 system with the same credentials, however Sync is not set up. She only really uses this one laptop.



Does she also get the 2-factor challenge when she logs on to the laptop?

Good Morning @Henno_Keers , No she does not get this when logging on - Only when she navigates to using IE. As a work around she is using Chrome which remembers the device.
Cheers & thanks for the assistance :)

@Deleted Could you look into this? This seems odd.


Regards, Henno

Yes - This is the new Edge Version 84.0.522.52 (Official build) (64-bit)