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I am currently deploying a managed favorites folder with "global" favorites and would like to deploy appended "regional" favorites to sub-OU's. Example;



-Global OU [GPO 1]

--Region 1 OU [GPO 2]

--Region 2 OU [GPO 3]


The Global OU would apply GPO 1; [{"toplevel_name":"My Managed Favorites"},{"name":"Global link","url":""}] & Regions 1 & 2 OU's would get their respective GPO's with unique URL's in addition to GPO 1.


When I use GPO 2;[{"toplevel_name":"My Managed Favorites"},{"children": [{"name":"Region 1 link","url":""}, "name": "Region 1 Links"}] it creates the Region 1 Links folder under My Managed Favorites as expected but wipes out the "Global link" from GPO 1.


I've tried a few different combinations but obviously not the correct one. Can multiple favorites in Edge be managed this way without replicating the Global link(s) in each Region GPO?

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@TSFleming Hi!  Just to confirm, are you deploying the same policy multiple times as separate GPOs?  If so, my understanding is this not possible. 


For example, if the same policy is set at the device level and also at the user level, MS Edge always applies the device policies after the user policies, so device will always win when there is a conflict between them.


Let me know if you need further information and I can loop in the team.  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y, thanks for the reply.  As in my example I have nested OU's.  At the Global level I apply global policies for everyone and at the Region level the Global policies are inherited AND the Regions receive unique GPO's.  I am trying to combine the Global Edge favorites with the Region Edge favorites, respective to the Region.


Obviously I could simply add the Global links to each of the Region GPO's but that defeats the purpose of having a Global policy.  So if my favorites look like the following;


[GPO 1]

[GPO 2]

[GPO 3]


I want the behavior to look like this;


-Global OU [GPO 1]

--Region 1 OU [GPO 2]

--Region 2 OU [GPO 3]


Does this make more sense? This is how I currently deploy favorites in IE through GPP.



@TSFleming Thanks for the info!  I've reached out to the team to see if they have any recommendations. 



@TSFleming Hello!  I wanted to circle back as I think you are running in to the same issue as another user here in Tech Community.  (Re: Microsoft Edge Group Policies for lists like Pop-ups do NOT combine -they replace unlike IE? - M...)


The team that manages MS Edge policies said currently the experience is by design and aligns with Chrome and other Chromium based browser policies. This is something they plan to investigate and try to improve but right now there is no ETA. 


I will also let them know about your scenario.  


Once more information is available we can follow up here.  Thank you!