[NEED HELP; IMPORTANT] GPO to block export to pinterest and office in collections




I configured the policy CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlocklist but it didn't work. The export to Pinterest and MS Office is not blocked.


I need this GPO. And that it is broken block the Rollout of Edge v86 in our company.


Can someone help me?


Bets regards


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@htcfreek We're sorry to hear that you're having some difficulties with that GPO! Tagging in @Kelly_Y who can help provide more Enterprise-specific information.


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Thanks, @Deleted !


Hi @htcfreek  - We can definitely look into it!  


I would like to understand the issue a little better.  To confirm, you've configured the CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList policy but when you go to your Collections you still see and can use the option to Send to Excel, OneNote, Word and Pinterest.  Is that the correct steps to reproduce?  








Thanks for your fast reaction.


Yes you are right.

I have enabled the policy "CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList" and added the value "pinterest_suggestions" to the list. (The policy is set as mandatory user policy.) Then I have updated the policies on the machine and started Edge. (Under edge://policy I can see the configured policy. It is shown as enabled, with the correct value and with the state "okay".)  But when I open the menu in the collections pane I can see and click the entries for exporting the collection to Word, Excel, OneNote or Pinterest.


1. I would expect that I don't see the Pinterest destination in the menu, because I have added them to the list.

2. I asked me if I need to enter additional entries to the list for blocking the Office destinations. For me it was not completely clear if I need additional entries for them. (I think the doc could be a little more detailed here. - Something like this: "If you enable this policy the office destinations will be hidden. Additionally you can add more destinations like Pinterest to the block list which will be blocked then.")

3. It is not the use case in our company, but maybe the use case in other companies: I think it would make sense when the office destinations could be disabled with additional entries like "office_excel", "office_word", "office_OneNote". There will be companies which need the export to one or all office apps, but don't want to have the Pinterest destination.


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@htcfreek Thanks for sending over the additional details!  I've reached out to our team that owns the CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList policy to discuss.  I'll follow up once we've investigated.  




Today I tried to use the "Computer Policy" instead of the "User Policy" as workaround. But unfortunately the computer policy doesn't work too. Same behavior.


It would be great if the team can prioritize the problem. Not deploying the new version is not a solution for us, because of the fixed security bugs. So if the policy doesn't work I have to disable the collection feature. And I promise that our users will not be happy about it.


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@htcfreek Hi Heiko - We've been discussing your observations with the Collections team and they've said "The policy will not affect the share targets seen in the Collections sharing and more menu currently, that is by design"


They do appreciate your feedback and they can understand the importance of the ask to suppress those options with the policy.  Right now they will continue to investigate about updating the policy to include additional values to hide those share targets.  We will let you know once there are any updates/insights!  Thanks! 



@htcfreek Same Situation with version 87.0.664.41

We have the same issue regarding the policy to block Pinterest. Adding the policy prevents users from seeing Pinterest during the initial setup of collections, however users can still see Pinterest in the share options. Any attempts to share to Pinterest are blocked, so the policy seems to be fulfilling it goal. It would still be nice to hide these Send To options.


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@Jordan Calo , @MartinSchneeberger 


Hi, I have good news.

Microsoft has updated/fixed the policy. Now you can disable all the share targets.

Here is a link to the policy description: CollectionsServicesAndExportsBlockList




- htcfreek