MS Edge on macOS is no longer updating automatically

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I determined that MS Edge is no longer updated automatically on my JAMF managed macOS. 


On the about Edge page I get an error message like 

>Microsoft Edge auto-update may not work properly.< next to a button >Automatically update Microsoft Edge for all users.<

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When running ./msupdate --list there is no update for Edge listed (EDGE01).


Once I click the button on the about page, it says it will promote the updater to the system level. And then it says >Updates are managed by your organization.<

What could be the root cause for this?




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@Johannes Goerlich Hi!  I know there was a change specifically for macOS from Microsoft AutoUpdate to EdgeUpdater.  Here is a link to the doc: Microsoft Edge for macOS switch from Microsoft AutoUpdate to EdgeUpdater | Microsoft Learn


Are you using any of the affected polices?  Thanks! 



@Kelly_Y Hello Kelly, thanks for pointing to the EdgeUpdater helper. Seems I missed the announcement of the official switch while this change was discussed for several month.

Our operational team stated that MS proposed them a different method for handling updates of MS Edge via JAMF. They are now investigation whether this works as it should.

So, it seems it is neither a problem with AutoUpdater nor with EdgeUpdater.





@Johannes Goerlich Thanks for the update!  Sounds like there is separate conversation and the team is working with other MS contacts.  Let me know if you need any additional assistance for this issue.